Rear Mounted Dozer

The blade may be offset and angled.
The cutting edge is high carbon and replaceable.
Full 360 blade trun.
The main frame is constructed of formed plate with extra reinforcing.

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Land plowing and clearing can be easily furnished by making use of a rear-mounted dozer. This type of farm implement can spectacularly work on extremely challenging terrains which is why Zambian farmers make use of this farm implement in excruciating conditions, ensuring land clearance and plowing are relatively effective.

  • Cutting edges can be replaced if damaged or worn out.
  • Backfilling, canal tunneling and balancing applications are easier to perform.
  • Uniquely productive farm implement.
  • The angle of adjustment can be attuned from 0 to 360 Degrees.
  • The ideal projected weight is 170 Kg. is known to own a huge inventory of agricultural products that had made plowing, reaping, tilling, cultivating, crushing, planting, etc. easier and more fruitful than ever. Our high-speed agricultural tools in Zambia are known to empower Zambian farmers in their respective farming operations. From rear-mounted dozers to potato planters, our tractor dealer in Zambia deals in all of them.