Farm Implements

We have all kinds of farm implements in Zambia for you

Our farm implements in Zambia are the best of their kind and can be attached to all kinds of tractors to perform important farming operations. You can use our wide range of farm implements to get all your work done on your farms, including land preparation, seeding, fertilizing, planting, cultivating, watering, harvesting and whatnot. With the use of our high-quality agricultural machinery in Zambia, anything is possible.

The advent of technology in agriculture has simplified farming significantly

Today’s farmers are lucky as they let the machinery do the tasks that their forefathers used to do by hand. Working on a farm is no child’s play, in fact, being a farmer is regarded as one of the hardest jobs in the world due to the back-breaking nature of the work. Cultivating and harvesting tasks used to take months, but now they merely take days due to the advent of farming equipment.

Agricultural Loaders and trailers – we have it all

You can also use our fodder choppers and cutters to create fodder for your livestock. Our fodder cutters make the best fodder which animals never reject.

Our agricultural loader, jib crane, farm trolleys and trailers are attached to tractors and utilised for transporting material from one spot to another.

Improve the quality of your soil using our farm equipment

Our wide range of bed shape planters, chisel plough, cotton ridger, disc plough, hammer mills, mouldboard plough, zero tillage planters, etc., are used during tillage, and cultivation procedures as they simply these processes and maximize the quality of the soil.

Those farmers cultivate rice and take advantage of our low prices on our rice planters and rice threshers. Those who do potato farming can invest in our potato diggers, potato digger spinners and potato planters. Farmers who cultivate maize can invest in our maize shellers to simplify their farming tasks.

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