Front Blade


Power Dozer to fit MF 240, 350 Plus, 260, 360, 375, 385 tractors
Blade Model MT-08/1=6′ * 22″ -(Single ram)
Model MT-08/2=6.5′ * 30″ (Twin ram)

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A front blade is an agricultural implement, used by farmers globally for pushing sand, gravel, manure, etc. Especially in the winter season, it is used to push aside the falling snow toward trails, thus clearing away the roads. It is included among the list of basic farm implements and with the delivery of remarkable results it is a must for every farmer to have it as part of its agricultural fleet.

  • Handling bulk material is easier and more productive.
  • Economical and operator friendly.
  • The ground depth is measured to be 102 mm.
  • The maximum blade lift is measured to be 533 mm. is a highly optimized tractor company in Zambia, providing Zambian farmers with top-of-the-line farming resources to help them succeed in their everyday agricultural chores. Our agricultural machinery is among the most anticipated farming machinery that can help farmers elevate the number of Zambian yields. Get your most desirable agricultural implement from our high-end tractor company in Zambia.