Hydraulic Disc Harrow

Working Width 145 cm – 167 cm
Discs size 61 cm
Weight 685 Kg
No’s of discs available 12, 14, 16, 18, 20

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Our Hydraulic Disc Harrows are a sort of disc harrow that offer superior work efficiency and come with a self-aligning triple. We have a hydraulic 3-point lift disc implement. This device is utilized for tilling soil deeply. All the unwanted weeds or leftover crops are chopped using this disc harrow. Our Hydraulic Disc Harrow penetrates the soil to mix up deep material so that you can increase the nutritional value of the soil.

  • This implement comes with 24 discs.
  • Its working width is 145cm-167cm
  • The size of the discs is 61cm
  • It is compatible with our tractors of 50HP and above.

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