Massey Ferguson Tractors

Tractors PK is a popular exporter and supplier of agricultural machinery in Zambia

Tractors PK in Zambia is a world-renowned tractor dealer in Zambia, dealing in the finest quality agricultural machinery in the region. We have been ardently supplying the necessary farm equipment to several Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries for decades. Our service and product quality speak for themselves, hence we have a wide customer base in almost all of the African countries.

We deal in quality Massey Ferguson tractors

Our Massey Ferguson tractors in Zambia are a special choice for Zambian farmers. Not only in Zambia, but our tractors have been making waves in every country in Africa due to their outstanding performance and reliability.

Our compact tractors are fuel-efficient

We deal in all compact-sized Massey Ferguson tractors in Zambia, which are the best choice for small and medium farms in the region. We specialize in diesel engine tractors that ensure a smooth drive and comfortable experience. Our fuel-efficient tractors consume minimum fuel to offer the longest drive.

We have tractors for all kinds of farms

Our tractors come in 50 HP to 85 HP. We also have lower than 50 HP in our used and reconditioned tractor range. Our used and reconditioned Massey Ferguson tractors are no less than our brand-new tractors. The significant difference between these types is their prominent price difference. Our used and reconditioned tractors are in the best condition and will save you lots of money while proving to be equally useful and productive.

2WD and 4WD – we have it all

We also have an extensive range of 2WD and 4WD Massey Ferguson tractors so you can easily choose from a huge variety. Our 4WD tractors are more heavy-duty, hence you can buy one for your farm in accordance with your needs.

Call us today and we will deliver your favorite Massey Ferguson tractor to your doorstep.

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