Tractors and Farm Implements for Sale in Zambia

We are reputed tractor dealers, operating in Zambia. Primarily, we deal in brand-new tractors, belonging to high-end reputable tractor brands namely Massey Ferguson Tractors and New Holland Tractors.

What we endeavored, we have achieved

A commitment and promise made to the farming class of Zambia have turned to life in the form of Tractors PK Zambia, providing high-class tractors to Zambian farmers at the best tractor prices in Zambia. We aim to bring those tractors into the limelight that were only available in the bigger cities. By providing these simple yet successful tractors to Zambian farmers, we endeavor to help them expand their network of agriculture, irrigation, and other means of livelihood.

Lack of qualitative agricultural machinery

In Lusaka and other cities of Zambia, farmers mostly face severe agricultural and transportation challenges. Furthermore, a lack of training and sound farming knowledge has sort of further enhanced the farming crisis. By making operator-friendly and economical agricultural machinery, including farm implements and tractors accessible to the general public of Zambia, so far we, along with the population of farmers have overcome a number of dire farming challenges.

An enviable stock of tractors

Tractors PK Zambia is known for its huge inventory of tractors. Our agricultural products range from tractors to farm implements for sale in Zambia. We offer varied large and compact tractors, belonging to Massey Ferguson 200 and 300 series. New Holland Al Ghazi Tractors and others of the same brand, with varied specifications, are also easily accessible at economical rates.

We are excited to help you

The zealous team behind our Massey Ferguson tractor dealer company is devotedly furnishing the requirements of hundreds of regular customers every day. We’ve helped to transform large barren lands into acres of farms with the help of sound, reliable and fuel-efficient tractors at comparable prices in Zambia. Our years of dedicated and devoted services have satisfied our consumers which is why we’ve been highly trusted in terms of quality and commitment.

We’re here to equip you, with the most compatible and feasible tractor as per your needs, so get in touch now!