Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger Specification
540 RPM PTO.
Auger sizes: 9” & 18”
Depth: 90cm (36”)

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One of the portable and highly credentialed farm implements at Tractors PK Zambia is a post-hole digger that can create equal-sized holes with uniform spacing. These can create holes of size from a few centimeters to about a foot. Post-hole diggers resemble that of a drill bits but are capable of delivering better or more competitive performance.

  • Can be used to insert plant saplings, boundaries, signposts, or fencing.
  • The maximum auger size is around 9” & 18”.
  • The approximate weight is around 170 Kg or more.
  • The depth noted accurately is 90 cm (36”).
  • Compatibility: Can be compatible with tractors comprising 50 Hp. has been the number one market leader in supplying qualitative agricultural products. Our tractor dealer in Zambia is just a call or text away. We’re here to help our strangling farmers in their hour of need. We supply them with the most sought-after farm implements in Zambia that have helped in yielding enormous crop quantities.