Ridger Specification

Overall width: 1778mm
Max Row Spacing: 711m
Clearance: 550mm
Weight: 150kgs
Tractor compatibility: 50HP +
Depth: 1050mm

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Ridger is a crucial farm implement that can be attached to compatible tractors available at Tractors PK Zambia. When the soil is ridged by making use of a ridger, the seeds germinate at a faster pace. This is because ridger makes the soil warmer as compared to no-till farm implement.

  • Soil production is continual and intact.
  • Budget-friendly, multi-purpose with adjustable features.
  • The projected weight is around 150 kg.
  • The inter-furrow spacing projected is around 711m.
  • The ideal projected ground clearance is around 550m.

Tractorspk.co.zm has several basic to advanced farm implements for sale. All these farm implements contribute to lesser soil compaction which will eventually lead to the increased and improved growth of innumerable Zambian crops within minimized time.