Fodder chopper

Operation PTO
Kind of fodder All Kinds
Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above

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A cutting tool that is responsible for cutting silage or straw swiftly yet in bulk quantities is known as a fodder chopper. When the fodder is reduced to its simplest form, it becomes digestible feed for the livestock, letting the farm animals easily digest it without leaving behind any traces of food. The rate of cutting output is quite high when fodder choppers are used.

  • Economical yet yields a dynamic output rate.
  • Packaged food available in the market has feed cut down by fodder chopper.
  • Evenly cuts down the available fodder.
  • Waste reduction is pretty visible.
  • The number of cutting blades working is 2.
  • The frame is made up of strong iron.
  • Weight measurement: 75 Kg. has been looking after the farming worries of Zambian farmers by supplying them with modernized and qualitative agricultural machinery that is otherwise hard to find. Our farm implements for sale are known to bring simplified farming methodologies without affecting the value of the growing crops.