Cotton Ridger

Cotton Ridger Specification
Power Source 60-70 HP Tractors.
No. of Tines 9 Nos.
Type Hydraulic
Overall Length 90 inch
Overall Height 43 inch
Overall Width 36 inch
Overall Length (max) 80 inch

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A multipurpose tractor attachment by the name of cotton ridger is used on a large scale to ridge cotton-like crops, including, maize, sugarcane, etc. The cotton ridger helps with the formation of equally sized furrows that facilitates the flow of water. In doing so, a handsome amount of water is conserved which otherwise would be wasted.

  • Adjustable and durable.
  • Economical and high in demand.
  • The spacing of furrows can be adjusted.
  • Certain provisions such as tine depths and row spacing are adjustable.
  • Overall width is measured around 36 inches.
  • Overall length is measured around 90 inches.
  • Overall height is measured at around 43 inches. provides you with a diverse range of agricultural machinery that is engineered to help farmers reap benefits from the greater probability of crop growth. Our deployed tractors and farm implements are known to work dynamically in the agricultural lands of Zambia to produce greater quantities of cassava, groundnuts, cocoa beans, rice, rubber, sorghum, banana, etc.