Rotary Tiller Cultivator

Rotary Cultivator Specification
No of Blades: 32-54
Length: 1000mm
Working width: 2400mm
Working depth: 220mm
Height: 1200mm
Weight: 700Kgs

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A rotary tiller cultivator is a unique cultivating equipment, used by local farmers for various tilling operations. This farming tool helps in the thorough distribution of appropriate soil nutrients by mixing different soil levels. Besides, compaction is greatly relieved, weeds are eliminated and soil beds are drafted with the highest precision level.

  • Verified under ISO 9001 rules of verification.
  • Aerates the soil pretty well, thus nurturing the underlying seeds.
  • Breaks the soil with circular blades working religiously.
  • The collective number of circular blades working is 34, 36, 42, 48, 54, 58
  • Compatibility: Can be compatible with tractors comprising 50 Hp.
  • The amount of projected weight is 700 Kg.
  • The projected working width is 2400 mm. is an affordable and acknowledged tractor company in Zambia, helping numerous farmers to reduce farming stress and in return reap dynamic quality and quantity of Zambian crops including corn, rice, millet, cassava, etc.