Backhoe Loader

Technical Specifications of a Backhoe Loader
• Maximum weight lifting capacity: 1000 Kgs
• Maximum digging depth: 92.6”-146”
• Bucket size: 16”x18”
• Swing arc: 145 degrees
• Bucket rotation: 165-170 degrees
• Hydraulic pressure: 2250 PSI
• Boom height from ground: 118”-188”
• Transport height: 132”
• Tractor compatibility: 80-110 HP


Product Overview
A backhoe loader is a rear-mounted tractor implement available at Tractors Pk. A backhoe loader digs trenches, pits, large holes and ponds. It can also lift and move around heavy material. It scrapes surface of fields and removes tree stumps.
Uses and Benefits of a Backhoe Loader
• A backhoe loader is used as a digger
• It lifts and moves around heavy loads
• It can be used along with agricultural loaders in order to maximise a tractor’s performance
• It digs hard soils
• It loads material on vehicles.
Usage in Zambia
African farmers make use of backhoe loaders to load material to the site. It can also dig up hard soils. They can also use it at construction sites. All kinds of agricultural equipment for sale in Africa is available at Tractors PK.