Zero Till Pneumatic Planter

Technical Specifications of a Zero Till Pneumatic Planter
• Total length: 4500 mm
• Total height: 1900 mm
• Diameter of sowing discs: 420 mm
• Diameter of discs: 370 mm
• Sowing fertiliser: 15 inches
• Diameter of turbo discs: 370 mm (15 inches)
• PTO rotation: 540 rpm
• Tractor compatibility: 70-110 HP


Product Overview
A zero till pneumatic planter is a farm implement that enables precise seeding, which results in increased productivity. It uses various seed discs for different crops. It works with all kinds of plants.
Uses and Benefits of a Zero Till Pneumatic Planter
• Plants seeds precisely on unprocessed lands
• Decreases soil erosion
• Increases rainwater infiltration into soil
• Allows soil to retain moisture
• Reduces evaporation
• Maximises concentration of organic matter on the soil’s surface
• Enhances the soil’s biological activity
• Prevents temperature variation in seeds
• Reduces fuel consumption considerably
• Reduces time and labour
• Leads to longer tractor life
Usage in Zambia
A zero tillage method means planting crops on a previously untilled soil. Most African countries are suffering from sandy soils that tend to get compacted, water-logging risks, short-growing seasons, and effects of climate change. These challenges can be countered by adopting the zero tillage method. The zero tillage pneumatic planter is available at Tractors PK, the leading tractor dealers in Africa.