Jib Crane

Lift Capacity upto 500 Kgs (depending upon Tractor HP)
Height of lift 3 m
Overall length 2.54 m
Weight (approx) 72 Kgs
Tractor Compatibility 45-85 HP
Hitch pin Cat-II

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The transportation of heavy goods is no more hassle-free as jib cranes available at Tractors PK Zambia are highly optimized tractor-mounted farm implements that are known for their ability to lift gigantic weights. This farm implement can safely carry immense weight without having to worry about increasing production efficiency.

  • Pocket friendly, durable, and multipurpose.
  • Can endure exceptional quantity of weights that are to be transported.
  • The lifting capacity is approximately 500 Kg.
  • The average weight is measured to be 70 Kg.
  • The overall dimensions include: height is 3m but the length is 2.54 meters.

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