Massey Ferguson MF-360 60hp Tractors for Sale in Zambia

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF 360
Horse Power: 60hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,

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MF- 360 Tractors for Sale in Zambia

One of the finest Massey Ferguson tractors for sale is the MF-360, and you can get it at Tractors PK Zambia. The Massey Ferguson 360 is a reliable tractor for use on farms due to its solid construction and powerful engine. Because there is no mechanical link between the steering mechanism and the steering wheel, hydrostatic steering is entirely reliant on the tractor’s hydraulic system. This fluid-driven technology ensures that the wheel may be turned easily and precisely while driving.

The MF 360’s front wheels are turned with an increased amount of force thanks to the steering wheel’s usage of fluid pressure. As a result, the Massey Ferguson tractor MF-360 makes its driver’s life easier by facilitating higher traction and smoother handling.

Design and Body

Massey Ferguson is an internationally recognized manufacturer of premium agricultural machinery. Massey Ferguson tractors have a solid build and a modern appearance, which is why so many farmers choose them. The MF 360 tractor is an excellent choice for farmers due to its sturdy construction and user-friendly design. When it comes to heavy-duty activities like loading, lifting, and transporting, the MF 360 tractor’s sturdy front axle and support are unrivaled. High-quality structural steel, the ideal material for producing load-bearing machinery and equipment, is used to construct the body of the MF- 360, Massey Ferguson tractor. A dependable, efficient, and long-lasting tractor, the MF 360 is an excellent choice.

Easy Maintenance and Operations

Even those who just own small farms will find the Massey Ferguson tractor MF- 360 type to be ideal due to its simplicity. Within seconds of settling into its driver’s seat, it will be able to command its every action. The Massey Ferguson 360 tractor, in addition to being simple to operate and maintain due to its small design, is also very simple to transport.

You can trust Tractors PK in Zambia, an established Massey Ferguson tractor dealer that offers to provide you with a quality tractor. Online orders for our reliable Massey Ferguson 360 tractors may be placed at any time.