New Holland 70-56 85hp Tractors for Sale in Zambia

Model / Type: New Holland 70-56
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color: Red

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Tractors PK Zambia provides affordable farm tractors for sale in Zambia, including New Holland Tractors. This tractor brand is reputed as the finest tractor brand owing to its countless proficient features. Among the list of credible and affordable tractors, New Holland Tractors seem to occupy the top spot, with its operator-friendly manual and advanced technical dynamics.

New Holland 70-56 Tractors for Sale in Zambia

New Holland 70-56 is a very versatile tractor, equipped with ultra-modern and highly specialized features to let the farmers take a breath of relief. For deep tillage and related harvesting operations, New Holland 70-56 is the desirable tractor within your reach.

  • Engine

The engine of the New Holland 70-56 is quite efficient as it is composed of low-noise Fiat 8045.05. The engine operates pretty well while consuming lesser fuel amounts hence yielding an improved fuel economy. Extremely lower ratios of combustive fumes are emitted during its result-oriented performance. The 4WD farm tractor for sale is largely being used in medium to large-sized farms because of the emission of 85hp. Of the same range of farm tractors, New Holland 70-56 provides greater traction control and excellent result outputs. 27 Kgm of torque is deduced with the tractors’ fundamentals.

  • Advanced dynamics

The hydrostatic power steering along with the Lift-o-Matic hydraulic lift makes it easier to lift hefty objects during multiple farming operations. To avoid the on-road shocks reaching the passengers or driver, the seats are well equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers.

  • Applications

No matter how rough the surface is, this tractor can help you drive anywhere on the globe. Several valuable farm implements can be operated via this tractor, namely, trailers, trollies, disc ploghs, ridger, etc. New Holland 70-56 is also being used in countless commercial and industrial projects.

  • Transmission

The New Holland 70-56 features an eight-gear transmission type. A dual cerametallic clutch further assists the driver in an effortless drive.

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