New Holland 640 75hp Tractors for sale in Zambia

Model / Type: New Holland 640
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color: Red

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New Holland 640 Tractors for Sale in Zambia

One of the widely popular tractors that are primarily used for plowing-related farming activities, belongs to the New Holland Tractor family. At Tractors PK Zambia, a diverse range of tractors, including economically priced New Holland tractors is easily available.

The innovation behind the creation

New Holland Tractors were primarily created to aid farmers with their everyday farming struggles, be it cultivation, land leveling, or harvesting. These tractors for sale, have reduced farming stress while being quite light on the pockets. Their engines are advanced and eco-friendly and are known to run for decades without causing trouble.

Worth the hype – New Holland 640

New Holland 640 is one of the highly advanced and swift farm tractors at our tractor company in Zambia. With its 2WD and 2070 Kg weight, your every farming function is more fruitful than ever. The reason behind the remarkable performance of the New Holland 640 is its terrific speedy 8045.06 diesel engine that makes it equally dynamic and highly result-oriented in the agricultural lands of Zambia.

  • Versatile functions

The New Holland 640, despite being 2WD, works extraordinarily like that of a 4WD rugged farm tractor. The 75hp engine power is responsible for the production of 255 Nm of torque rated at 1500 rpm. This diesel engine tractor is integrated with advanced technology, to ensure it can withstand and ideally perform the desired functions regardless of the external climatic conditions. Henceforth, this tractor is largely been used in construction and industrial zones.

  • Transmission

The New Holland Tractor 640 is equipped with an ultramodern mesh gearbox, featuring 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.

To prevent the engine from reaching the heat threshold, a water cooling system is fitted within. The New Holland Tractor 640 can easily drag and pull 5 to 15 tons of weight which is why its usage is highly recommended to those Zambian farmers who are involved with the everyday towing and loading of hefty objects.

To solve your farming hurdles in Zambia, you simply have to contact us, at Tractors PK Zambia and leave the rest to us.