Landscape Rakes

Operating Weight. 503 kg.
Length. 1608 mm.
Width. 1692 mm.
Height. 1026 mm.
Number of Teeth (Total) 384.
Working Width. 1524 mm.
Bucket Capacity. 0.34 m³

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Landscape rakes are generally used by Zambian farmers before grading for removing debris or any unwanted stones lying on the topsoil surface. A landscape rake is an easy-to-handle farm implement and can be instantaneously used on the fields to either aerate the soil or separate it. In addition to this, landscape rakes are used widely by personal garden owners and homemakers in lawn and garden management.

  • Strong and sturdy tine structure-wise thus aren’t breakable or damageable.
  • The spacing of the tines is adjustable.
  • Hard-wearing and anticorrosive.
  • The capacity of the bucket is measured to be 340 Kg while the gross implement weight is 503 Kg.
  • The length measured is 1608 mm while the width measured is 1692 mm. is an acknowledged tractor company in Zambia, providing Zambian farmers with newer and modern ways of farming. Owing to the durable and hard-wearing structure of the available agricultural machinery at Tractors PK Zambia, we assure you that our customers can continue using our farming tools for generations.