Swinging Drawbar

Swinging Drawbar.
Length: 30 in.
Thickness: 1 in.
Width: 1-7/8 in.
Pin holes on tractor end: 1 in.
Pin holes on attachment end: 3/4 in.
Lateral movement.
Hauling device more flexible when turning.

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Hauling extremely weighted objects has always been burdensome for Zambian farmers but with the help of a swinging drawbar, it is no more a hassle. Zambian farmers can rely on swinging bars for making the commute of heavy-duty objects easier and safer.

  • Helps in the smooth management of implements on sharp turns while carrying heavy-duty loads.
  • Verified under ISO 9001 rules of verification.
  • Side draught and tipping are likely reduced.
  • Through center axle housing, this dynamic implement can attach to the relevant tractor.
  • Compatibility: Can be compatible with tractors comprising 50 Hp.

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