Raised Bed Pneumatic Planter

Technical Specifications of a Raised Bed Pneumatic Planter
• Tractor rear mounted implement
• Tractor compatibility: minimum 50 HP
• Adjustable furrow and bed size
• Number of rows: 4
• Uses pneumatic metering mechanism
• Hitch: Category II


Product Overview
A raised bed pneumatic planter is used for sowing cotton, sunflower, soya, sugar, beet, and corn seeds in a precise manner on ridges for better water management and growth. It creates raised beds for improved productivity.
Uses and Benefits of a Raised Bed Pneumatic Planter
• Offers maximum efficiency with minimum costs
• Plants seeds with precision
• Places fertiliser and seeds with uniform spacing at the required depth
• Helps attain uniform seed germination
• Results in vigorous seedlings
• Saves water, fertiliser and seeds
• Allows for better water irrigation
• Can make adjustable furrows
• Precise row spacing
Usage in Zambia
Raised bed planting works best for organic farmers. Since this method leads to better drainage, it is best suited for heavy clay soils. African smallholder farms can handle compaction by adopting the raised bed technology using our high quality raised bed pneumatic planter available at Tractors Pk, a reliable tractor company in Africa.