New Holland Al Ghazi 65hp Tractors for Sale in Zambia

Model / Type: New Holland Ghazi
Horse Power: 65hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color: Orange

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New Holland Al Ghazi 65 hp Tractors for Sale in Zambia

New Holland Al Ghazi Tractors are convenient tractors since they exhibit superlative quality and operator-friendly drive while keeping the costs low. Tractors PK Zambia makes these and many other authentic and qualitative tractors easily accessible for Zambian farmers’ reach.

The joint venture of Al-Ghazi Tractors along with some other automotive companies is making use of New Holland technologies, to manufacture New Holland Al Ghazi Tractors. The result of this joint venture is the primary production of New Holland Al Ghazi 65 hp, which is a resilient and technology-driven tractor, composed of a 2,931cc engine.

New Holland AL Ghazi Tractors have always abided by their words of profitability, reliability, stability, and profitability.

Reasons for New Holland Al Ghazi 65 hp’s thrilling performance

New Holland Al Ghazi delivers a thrilling on-field performance. When the driver is in the seat of this farm tractor, he comfortably drives without putting in extra effort since the spring suspension seat is adjustable to the driver’s weight. Furthermore, the interior of this tractor has quite a luxurious ambiance, henceforth regardless of the excruciating sun heat, the driver enjoys the comfort of a roof.

  • Characteristics of engine

The 65hp flywheel type of New Holland 8035.05 engine is capable of yielding displaced torque of approximately 23.9 Kgm. The oil and fuel filters assisted with the engine are provided with replaceable cartridges, for keeping the incoming fuel and oil-free from impurities.

  • Hydraulics

The hydraulic lift is under manual response control and exhibits a maximum lifting capacity of 1,650 kg.

  • Transmission

The hydro-assisted power steering provides more fluidity during the drive whereas the 8-speed gear transmission is pretty much easy to operate for the untrained farmers of Zambia. However, on the 3rd gear, 4th gear, 7th, and 8th speed, synchromesh transmission is observed.

For your convenience, Tractors PK Zambia offers a full range of upgraded, top-quality, and affordable farm tractors for sale in Zambia, which can be delivered to you, without a hassle-free process, all you have to do is contact us.