Rice Planter

Rice Planter Specification

For seedling plantation, stainless steel structural frame is used.
The average spacing between rice saplings is measured to be 20 cm – 40 cm.
All 50 Hp tractors are compatible with this farm implement.
Different sizes are available exclusively.

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Rice planters are responsible for planting rice seedlings in the paddy fields of Zambia. This type of farm equipment for sale in Zambia can plant huge quantities of rice seedlings in a fast yet efficient manner. Rice, being one of the primary crops of Zambia, is very crucial for feeding the Zambian population, and with this diligent tool, their increased production is 100% guaranteed.

  • Inexpensive and durable to ensure farmers can continue growing great-quality rice crops.
  • Rice seedlings are planted with high precision.
  • Availability in multiple sizes at our tractor company.
  • The projected inter-crop distance is 20 cm – 40 cm.

In Zambia, Zambian farmers never had access to advanced farming resources but with Tractorspk.co.zm, this problem has been resolved, since Tractors PK Zambia offers agricultural products that are approved worldwide. You can order rice planters, reapers, dozers, etc. from our acknowledged Massey Ferguson dealers in Zambia to help improve your annual crop growth.